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ScaleUP USA: International Firms Establish and Expand in America! We can facilitate your USA entry and growth through our comprehensive and systematic ScaleUP USA program.

Attention International Firms!

With an annual GDP of $18 trillion and a population of over 321 million, the United States is the world’s most attractive, globally accessible marketplace! However, it is also the most competitive and ruthless. Planned and well-executed entry and expansion for international businesses in this marketplace can mean significant financial success, while unplanned and disorganized entry can mean major risks and losses. Launch Dream’s ScaleUP USA growth acceleration program helps international businesses establish and expand in the USA through a structured, step by step maturity model and process that reduces the risk for entry, improves chances of success, and helps accelerate growth. Talk to us today by completing the form below!


  • Why Establish a Subsidiary in the USA?

International business executives have several interests in establishing a presence in the USA. These include, generating new sales and profits from the largest marketplace in the world; offsetting home country business profits for USA expansion and lower overall taxes; securing home country government export promotion incentives; securing a premium USA address for prestige and as a foothold for global business development; hedging against home country economic and political turmoil; integrating USA innovation and making the parent company business more competitive; driving the economies of scale through total higher production; leveraging the home country conditions for international expansion; as well as becoming more competitive by competing against the best in USA. Whatever your reason, the ScaleUP USA program can help you deliver results, faster, better and potentially even cheaper at reduced risk.


  • Why Join the ScaleUP USA Program?

We are your local US force multiplier. We also have an ecosystem of external, specialty advisors ready to help you to reduce international expansion risk while accelerating your growth in the USA! We help by:

  • Advising the international client leadership via seasoned US executive(s).
  • Setting up of the client’s legal, regulatory and governance infrastructure.
  • Refining the client’s US organic and inorganic growth strategy.
  • Enhancing marketing, communications, branding and publicity.
  • Assisting the client in the USA talent acquisition and management.
  • Planning and executing comprehensive USA sales on demand engine.
  • Securing safe and cost-effective commercial space in the USA.


  • ScaleUP USA Growth Acceleration Program.

The ScaleUP USA program has been designed in consultation with international executives who have experience in establishing and expanding foreign businesses in the USA along with the Launch Dream’s founder’s experience of providing assistance to such international companies at a prior investment attraction organization. The program focusses on several critical areas identified by international executives that “trip” new incoming businesses in the USA and increase their risk of failure, lower revenues or profits. The international client typically engages Launch Dream through its ScaleUP USA program by signing the Rules of Engagement MOU. Launch Dream’s compensation is based on a combination of reasonable cash plus equity in the new USA subsidiary. This allows Launch Dream to put its “skin” in the game while reducing the upfront cost for the international client and aligning the goals for both parties. The ScaleUP USA program is divided into two distinct phases. Phase I, is delivered by Launch Dream and commences immediately after the signing of the MOU and Phase II is delivered by Launch Dream’s external, specialty, ecosystem advisors, based on the client’s need, budget and growth requirements as a result of the discussions between the client and Launch Dream during the Phase I. Our program in brief:

  • Understanding clients’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to grow their USA business.
  • Helping clients refine a US vision, strategy, plans, and execution program for growth and stability.
  • Creation of US subsidiaries to build, manufacture or sell products and services.
  • Recruitment of US company executives, advisors, subject matter experts, consultants, and project staff.
  • Location of cost-effective, convenient, and safe commercial office space for business operations.
  • Guidance to customize, refine or build innovative products and services for the US marketplace.
  • Building a strong US brand through social media and traditional media publicity campaigns.
  • Helping establish “sales on demand” lead generation engine for home country executives to close deals.
  • Addressing intellectual property, licensing, tech transfer, franchising, and US visas for executives.
  • Addressing product safety and liability issues and help secure adequate insurance coverage.
  • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, or partial ownership of US owned entities.
  • Identifying preferred systems integrators, innovative technologies, distributors, and resellers for teaming.
  • Identifying appropriate government grant and contract opportunities for business growth.
  • Addressing complex US taxation, international tax treaties, transfer pricing and accounting issues.


ScaleUP USA: International Firms Establish and Expand in America – TODAY!

The ScaleUp USA program typically attracts international firms with host country revenues of US $5m and above.  The CXO level advisory services are typically provided by executive(s) of Launch Dream while external, ecosystem advisors provide the needed specialty services. Additionally, disruptive startups and growth companies technologies can be integrated through Future Labs. The FedBizOpps program helps seek federal government contracts and grant opportunities as well as systems integrator partners.

  • Leverage your host country infrastructure.
  • Build and grow your USA practice.
  • Generate and increase your US and global revenues.
  • All communications via low-cost, military-grade, secure HD video conference.


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