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Growth Vector Talent Acquisition Program:

The big question — how do YOU hire? Routine staffing or via modern talent acquisition? Can you improve business output with new talent acquisition techniques?  Check out this blog and talk to us today!

Routine Staffing vs. Modern Talent Acquisition:

Staffing is an administrative and tactical process confined to hiring traditional skills sets and required competencies. Staffing is reactive, near-sighted, tactical and addresses the “butts in the seat” requirements of organizations. While it may address the near-term need, the long-term impact on the organization is detrimental to the internal culture, cost structure, profitability, and growth. Talent acquisition management is a strategic approach to identifying, attracting, engaging, onboarding and managing the appropriate talent for the identified roles at the most opportune time. Talent acquisition management, is transformative in nature, directly linked to organizational outcomes and is built on the strategic integration of people, process, products and places.


Growth Vector’s Talent Acquisition Approach:

Growth Vector’s talent acquisition process is a best of the breed, man-machine platform that is focused on delivering results for your organization. We are not a traditional staffing firm or a recruitment firm. We act as a talent acquisition program working with your human resources department bringing in transformative thinking, processes, and technology to deliver business results for the organization. Our talent acquisitions management process begins with talent augmentation to bring in a specific skill set or competency currently unavailable in-house, to supplement permanent staff during peak periods or to create a dedicated, winning team built around a specific technology, product or function as required by your business need or client. Our talent augmentation program allows your organization to better manage for needs and changes in your environment whether they be project based, new growth or unexpected turnover of your employees or contractors. Our talent augmentation can be:

  • Contract based talent augmentation.
  • Temporary-to-permanent talent augmentation.
  • Permanent talent augmentation.

Since few organizations have static needs, the best way to address dynamic needs is by talent augmentation. Used appropriately, such augmentation can give organizations the flexibility, agility, lower-cost, capacity and capability they need to grow in the dynamic marketplace of today! Typically, our Talent Augmentation Management is the core program around which the below-specialized services are implemented. Ask for a quick consultation today.


  • Enterprise Feedback Management:

Is your organization still using outdated annual surveys for customers, partners, and employees to secure feedback? Is your survey program more about sending out long and complicated surveys, storing feedback data and creating unnecessary reports, or is it about implementing accurate insights to tangibly improve your business outcomes? The enterprise feedback management platform enables our clients to collect business critical insight – and convert it into loyalty, growth, and profitability. Collect data from all touchpoints – online, social and mobile surveys with modern feedback tools to support customer insight, HR, market research and much more within moments of an event for better response rates and heightened accuracy! Mix non-solicited data with the survey, panel and community insight for a complete view of performance and needs. Enable real-time reporting with action alerts and dashboards to let you see what’s not working and change it or see what is working, and organize to optimize it! Ask for a quick consultation today.


  • Face-to-Face Digital Collaboration:

Is your organization stressed out due to business travels, meetings, isolated clients or remote teleworking? Do you need an advanced on-demand, easy to use, a face-to-face collaboration platform that enables just in time, HD video quality, with military grade end to end security for one-on-one, one-to-many or many-to-many meetings, conferencing and broadcasting capability?  Deploy this cost effective platform incrementally across your employee, partner and client base; reduce travel costs up to 70%; and finally allow staff from various business sites to participate in the training, meetings, and team collaborations dynamically. Enhance the brand and image of your organization as tech savvy. Complete work faster, better and cheaper. Enable teamwork and company-wide collaboration quickly. Increase capacity, capability and reach. Grow faster, reduce operational cost and increase profitably by the optimized deployment of your existing workforce. Ask for a quick consultation today.


  • Predictive Talent Assessment:

Does your company have a comprehensive solution for job competency modeling, potential/fit assessment, performance measurement, career planning, and predictive talent analytics? The predictive talent assessment platform applies the results of more than 100 years of workplace research and statistical modeling. The system is better at the prediction of risky outcomes than the use of background and reference checks to:

  • Maximize workforce productivity and revenues by selecting the right people for the right jobs.
  • Minimize employee turnover and costs by screening out those individuals with poor job fit.
  • Enable fair and objective personnel decisions that are legally defensible.
  • Align employee performance to business values to get the work done the way the business wants it done.
  • Improve the long-term outcomes of the organization’s leadership team decision-making.
  • Minimize future costs of maintaining organizations talent management tools and system.
  • Reach an organization’s business goals and sustain progress more effectively than with other solutions.
  • Maximize job fit and culture fit for employees and organizations.
  • Improve leadership effectiveness for organizations.
  • Identification of at-risk job applicants who are most likely to derail due to character flaws.

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  • Just-In-Time Traning and Compliancy:

Productivity requirements for organizations are complex. On the job training never ends as procedures are updated to improve performance dynamically. Demands placed on teams, administrators and employees mean they require broad-ranging, customizable “app” tools that improve just-in-time training, compliance, workflows, communications, and reporting especially in the field and for remote workers. It is important for organizations to maintain centralized quality control and standardization of information dissemination with detailed logging and fast reporting of all data disseminated and collected, including time, location, and image stamp.   Does your organization need a tool which addresses all of these requirements in the office and in the field for performance improvement securely with or without an internet connection? If the ability to rapidly and securely publish media-rich, interactive, mobile content on apps on multiple platforms, and tracking their usage, is an important need for your business and/or clients, then this platform is a cost-effective solution. Ask for a quick consultation today.


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