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    Win USA Federal Grants!

    The USA federal government is the world's largest grant awarder, awarding over $500b in annual grants. Are you winning your fair share?

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Grant Factory Program:

We team up with the local and state governments, educational institutes, and non-profits to help them win federal grants. We help conceptualize and implement bold visions, strategies, and technologies to maximize public value!

Attention US Organizations!

The federal government awards over $500B in grants each year to local and state governments, non-profits, educational institutions as well as small, medium and large businesses! Are you winning your fair share of these grants?


  • Why Join the Grant Factory?

We are your local force multiplier to win federal grants. Talk to us today!

  • Locate US federal grant opportunities.
  • Create award winning grant strategy.
  • Establish a winning grants team.
  • Locate prestigious grant teaming partners.
  • Integrate technology and digital innovation.
  • Help win and execute federal grants.


  • The Grant Factory Consortium.

Winning federal business is a team effort. We are building an ever-growing ecosystem of partners so you don’t have to waste your resources building one!

  • Local and state governments, non-profits, and educational institutions (end customers).
  • Premium small, mid and large industry players (partners).
  • Disruptive US startups and growth companies (innovators).
  • US federal government (potential investors/buyers).


  • Grant Factory Growth Acceleration.

We have a winning formula for winning the federal grants. Here are the components!

  • We understand clients’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relevant to winning and successfully executing federal grants.
  • We help clients’ define a winning fundraising vision, strategy and help them build an innovative and differentiated grant application.
  • We help identify US federal grant opportunities relevant to the clients’ interest.
  • We facilitate recruitment of experts as principle investigators, advisors, subject matter experts, and project staff as required.
  • We help clients’ identify innovative technologies to develop a transformative and differentiated solutions for winning the grant.
  • We help the clients’ locate premium systems integrators for assimilating the technology and helping execute the grant program or project successfully.
  • We help the clients’ create a center of excellence for grant execution and maximization of public value.


Contact Us Today:

Talk to us today. We can be your ticket to grow your grants business in the $ 500B federal grants economy!

  1. Win federal grants to drive public value.
  2. Leverage your existing infrastructure.
  3. Integrate technology innovation to drive scale.
  4. Build and grow innovative public services.
  5. Increase your organizational budget through grants.
  6. Create a permanent center of excellence.



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